Stretch FSA

Stretch based sensors from FSA!

Stretch sensors in action

New STRETCH SEAT and BED sensing systems are available with elastic stretch sensors. Stretch sensors mold to the 3D shape of the client and help reduce hammocking across the surface of the seat or bed.

The Eastex incontinence cover is durable and easy to clean with common hospital grade cleaning solutions and also helps keep clients from sliding out of the chair or bed.

Why Choose stretch sensors?

  • Less hammocking and a better fit to the client
  • Less slipping and sliding with the Eastex cover (isolation bags are still available)
  • Easily cleaned with common hospital grade disinfectants
  • A very durable design, easily passing 50,000 and 100,000 cycle testing
  • Less frequent calibrations depending on your application

Stretch layers

What is a stretch sensor?

The only smart fabric that is elastic and breathes.

  • 100% fabric
  • Patented
  • 3 thin elastic layers
  • Cost effective
  • Air and vapor permeable
  • Available in many sized, shapes and cover materials!

The three layers of the FSA stretch sensor are labeled in the diagram to the right.

  • Layer 1: Lycra like knit conductive columns
  • Layer 2: Pressure sensitive fabric, varies electrical resistance with force
  • Layer 3: Lycra like knit conductive rows

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For other questions about our new stretch technology, please contact us.